Business Ethic

Accuracy and Honesty

In our work processes and commercial relationships, accuracy and honesty are our unchangeable priorities. We act around this principle in our customer relationships as well as our employees.


As Mim Information Technologies, we value the protection of the privacy; privacy of our employees, our customers and other institutions and organizations that we have bilateral relations with. We protect our customers' private information and use it solely to contribute to the solution we are trying to produce. When it comes to the disconnection of our company, we do not share projects, documents and information we have with the third parties.

Customer Focus

We are committed to customer satisfaction and to respond to our customers' needs and demands in the shortest possible time. We offer our services at the time of commitment under the criteria we set.


We ensure that our employees use their individual rights effectively and correctly. We offer a safe and healthy work environment that is fair to our employees. We value the balance between work life and private life, which is essential for the personal development of our employees.

Sense of Responsibility

We will treat our partners in a fair and respectful manner as expected from a good distance, and we take care to fulfill our responsibilities in a timely manner. We protect private and confidential information of people and organizations in commercial relations.


We are only competing with our competitors in the framework of law rules and ethical means, we strive to raise the level of competition in the sector.