e-Archieve Invoice is an application that allows to digitally create and store invoices, required to be hard copy created, stored and submitted according to the 433 command of Tax Procedure Law. It is also possible for e-Invoice users to send e-Archieve invoice to those are not e-Invoice users.

Taxpayers, who want to use e-Archieve Application, have to be an e-Invoice Application user first.

Those taxpayers, who are allowed to create and store invoice in digital platforms by Electronic Invoice Record System (EIRS), have to apply e-Arciheve Application after a notification letter, which is not later than April 1 2015, from Administration Revenue.

Those taxpayers, who sell product or service via online and whose annual endorsement is 5 million Turkish Liras or higher, have to apply e-Archieve Application.


This method is developed for taxpayers who can operate their own IT system 24/7, have enough software and technical hardware infrastructure, and want to use e-Archieve application via their own sytem. Those, whose IT systems are sufficient, can use e-Archieve Application via their own information technologies systems providing the necessary integration.

Private Integration

It is a usage method of e-Archieve Application through the information technologies system of companies are authorized by Revenue Administration.