i2b ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning

Sectoral Compatibility

It is designed to meet the business processes of textile, construction, health, media, distribution, food and many other sectors.

Easy to use

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of i2b ERP, you can process it easily and quickly and easily access reports and analyzes.

Web Access

i2b ERP can be used independently of the operating system thanks to the web interface.

Versatile Function

i2b ERP, Finance, Accounting, Inventory Management, Human Resources, Reporting and many other operations within a single application allows you to do.

eGovernment Applications

i2b ERP offers solutions such as integration and custom integration for e-Government applications like e-Invoice, e-Archive and e-Ledger.

Developable Structure

With the i2b ERP API, our customers who can develop software in their own way can integrate i2b ERP application with the applications they have developed. In addition, the plugin can be added to the system via the "Add-on Management" module.

Mobile Solution Pack

i2b ERP has a mobile application suite for smartphones with Android and iOS operating system.