Our company, which adopts the principle of offering the ideal solution in every condition, has developed the method called "expert approach" in order to reach this goal. This method is the most important influence behind the success of all our services. Developed as a result of years of experience in the sector, this method is one step ahead of our competitors and enhances customer satisfaction.

Mim Information Technologies aims to achieve the best result with the approach described in the chart above. A different approach is applied at every stage of the method, the problems are determined in detail and efforts are made to reach the solution.


The most important phase we see in all our projects is the determination of our customers' requests. At this stage, we try to determine exactly what the client wants, we note these requests with details to reach the goal of the project.


After the definition phase, the details of the problem are carried out during the detection phase. At this stage, the resolution is specified in the properties that it can perform functionally on paper. Developed ideas are shared with the customer, if not, they are completed.


The features detailed in the detection phase are transferred to the professional schematics taking into account the current technology.


The system that emerges as a result of planning starts to be developed with the technology decided upon.


The system developed is rigorously tested in our company. Problems that occur during the test phase are eliminated in the Detection - Planning - Development - Test cycle.

Detection, Planning, Development and Test phases are called "Project Life Circle". At these stages, a "Project Life Circle" is created for each function for which the system is requested to perform. "Project Life Circle" plays an important role in reaching the goals of the system. In this case, the targets are realized with an error-free method.


The system successfully developed in the circle of "Project Life Circle" is made ready for customer use and passed to application phase.